Shadow Break


Arkanoid - packed with ninjas and samurai


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Shadow Break is a complicated arcade game where you control a ninja using a ball to break down all the blocks on the ceiling of each level, in order to free the samurai that are locked up there... so that you can kill them.

In practice, Shadow Break is very similar to the classic Arkanoid, except here you can perform various different moves. You can move from side to side, jump, slide quickly, and, of course, attack with your sword.

Those attacks are really helpful in changing the direction of the ball, but even more so when it comes to finishing off the samurai, who will make your life very difficult once they manage to escape from their cells. When they do, not only do you have to make sure that the ball doesn't hit the ground, but you have to kill the samurai while you're at it.

Shadow Break is an arcade game with a simple, traditional base that hides complicated, difficult gameplay. It's an excellent twist on a well-known concept.
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